Why spray foam roofing and insulation?

WATERPROOF: Closed cell materials make spray foam systems immune to water.
There are no seams or fasteners to fail and allow moisture through. Double protection: First with a layer of moisture resistant foam cells to resist the elements, then a backup membrane coating to further weather proof your roof.

INSULATION FACTOR: Spray foam roofing is rated at 1" = R7.14, allowing a reduction of up to 30% in utility savings.

FIRE RETARDANT: Passes class A fire test in accordance with underwriter laboratories test standard UL790.

STRONG: Increases roof strength with an approximate 50PSI compressive stength added to structural integrity.

LIGHT WEIGHT: Less than 1 lb. of weight per square foot.

SAFE: No toxic fumes during application or afterward. It is environtmentally sound, having no harmful CFC's volatile solvents or carcinogens.

LONG LASTING: Polyurethane foam systems have been extensively researched by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, professor or engineering at Arizona State University, establishing this as the only system with a documented 20 year service life.

INSTALLATION: Can be applied over all new or existing roofs, including concrete as long as a base primer sealer is applied first.

VERSATILITY: Can be sprayed on any shape, sealing all cracks and crevices making for a seamless, water tight, air tight structure.

USES: We have successfully applied polyurethane spray foams to all types of structures, including homes, office buildings, shopping centers, aircraft hangers, warehouses, storage tanks, pipe lines, boats, etc.

LOW COST: Many roofs pay for themselves in 5 years, with the return on energy savings. Maintenance costs and repairs are also kept to a minimum with a spray foam roof.

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