Space Shuttle U.S.A. The following is a brief synopsis of the requirements the N.A.S.A. had concerning the Thermal Protection System of the external fuel tank. A detailed scientific explanation is available upon request.


HEAT SHIELD: An insulator was needed that is servicable from temperatures between -420 to 1500F to protect from aerodynamic and plume heating.

WATERPROOF: Ice-frost prevention due to the adverse weather conditions.

WEIGHT: Since 1 lb. of weight saved on the empty external tank translates into about .9lb. of additional payload, weight reduction is an important design factor.

STRENGTH: Strian compatible with the aluminum sub-structure.

COST: Must reduce initial and recurring costs.

FIRE RESISTANCE: Self-extinguishing in air when tested to NHB 8060.1A requirements for flammability.

PRODUCTIBILITY: Sprayable with conventional equipment. Spray foam insulation was selected after in-depth testing and is still in use today. Based on flight and production experience, this excellent design will continue to be optimized to enhance productibillity, consistency, and reliability.

A variation of this spray foam roofing and insulation is available for residential and commercial use through us.

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